By |2022-05-23T08:25:08+02:00toukokuu 25th, 2022|Treenit|

Easy 40 minutes:
400m jog
50+50m 1-arm farmer carry 24/16kg
50m walking lunge
400m jog
50+50m 1-arm overhead carry 16/12kg
3 wall walk

*Open Gym 9-19
**Lämpät taululla


By |2022-05-23T08:15:52+02:00toukokuu 24th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Hang squat clean + jerk
Every 90s x 10 sets
*all sets same weight

B. 5 rounds of:
3 muscle-up
5 clean & jerk 80/60kg


By |2022-05-23T08:08:45+02:00toukokuu 23rd, 2022|Treenit|

A. Bulgarian split squat
Build to a heavy 5+5 in 10 minutes
*barbell in back rack

B. EMOM 16:
1. 1-2 rope climb + amrap double-under
2. 10 strict handstand push-up + amrap double-under
3. 20 alternating v-up + amrap double-under
4. rest


By |2022-05-22T22:26:35+02:00toukokuu 22nd, 2022|Treenit|

A. Build to a heavy single deadlift

B. With partner for 15 minutes:
8 burpees over dumbbell
8 dual dumbbell power clean
8 toes-to-bar


By |2022-05-19T09:06:33+02:00toukokuu 20th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Bench press
2 reps x 4 sets RPE 9-9,5

B. For time:
800m run
60 wall balls
40 ring dips


By |2022-05-19T08:58:05+02:00toukokuu 19th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Power snatch + squat snatch
Every 90s x 10 sets
*all sets same weight

B. EMOM 16:
1. 10 strict pull-up
2. 15m handstand push-up
3. 10 bulgarian split squat R
4. 10 bulgarian split squat L
*2x kettlebells on front rack


By |2022-05-18T22:03:16+02:00toukokuu 18th, 2022|Treenit|

With partner for 40 minutes:
1 wall walk
2 ground to overhead
3 calories on any machine
*next rounds 2-4-6/3-6-9/4-8-12 etc.