By |2020-09-15T18:41:12+02:00syyskuu 15th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×1+3 deadlift + hang deadlift

B) EMOM 16:
1. 6-8 devils presses
2. 6-10 double db box step overs
3. row for cal
4. row for cal


By |2020-09-13T14:38:59+02:00syyskuu 14th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×2+1+1 clean pull + hang power clean + low hang power clean
*add weight and build to a heavy but technical set

B) 3 rounds for time:
400m run
20 alternating 1-arm db hang clean & jerk 22,5/15kg
15 toes-to-bars


By |2020-09-13T14:35:37+02:00syyskuu 13th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 1RM back squat

B) 3x max reps strict handstand push-ups
*full rest between sets


By |2020-09-08T12:50:38+02:00syyskuu 11th, 2020|Treenit|

5 rounds of:
22 kettlebell swings 24/16kg
22 box jumps
400m run
22 burpees
22 wall balls


By |2020-09-08T12:49:06+02:00syyskuu 10th, 2020|Treenit|

A) Pull-up practice

B) EMOM 12:
1: 5 thrusters
2: 5 strict pull-ups
-5:00 rest-
EMOM 12:
1: 10 wall balls
2: 15 ring rows


By |2020-09-08T12:46:37+02:00syyskuu 9th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×3 pause deadlift, E3M
*pause just below knees 2s
*add weight

B) EMOM 15:
1: 30s russian swings 32/24kg
2: 30s hollow body hold
3: 30s max meters handstand walk