By |2022-05-17T22:07:44+02:00toukokuu 17th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Back rack reverse lunge
3×20, add weight each set, every 3:00

B. EMOM 16:
1. 1-2 rope climbs, remaining time burpees
2. 15 overhead squat 35/25kg, remaining time burpees
3. 15/12 cal row, remaining time burpees
4. rest


By |2022-05-16T22:38:31+02:00toukokuu 16th, 2022|Treenit|

A. 2-2-1-1

B. For time:
60 dumbbell snatch
30 push-up
40 dumbbell snatch
20 handstand push-up
20 dumbbell snatch
10 strict handstand push-up


By |2022-05-15T15:35:57+02:00toukokuu 15th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Front squat
*build to a heavy 3
**then 3×3 90%/heavy 3

B. 21-15-9
Squat clean thruster 42,5/30kg


By |2022-05-13T11:51:21+02:00toukokuu 13th, 2022|Treenit|

In teams of 3:
18 rope climbs
800m run as a team
45 clean & jerk 60/42,5kg
600m run as a team
45 thruster 60/42,5kg
400m run as a team
45 squat cleans 60/42,5kg
200m run as a team
9 rope climbs


By |2022-05-13T09:03:28+02:00toukokuu 13th, 2022|Treenit|

A. For time:
400m run
10 dumbbell snatch
400m run
20 dumbbell snatch
400m run
30 dumbbell snatch
400m run
40 dumbbell snatch
400m run
50 dumbbell snatch

B. 3 rounds
20 ring rows
10 hamstring walks


By |2022-05-11T11:56:20+02:00toukokuu 11th, 2022|Treenit|

With a partner for 40 minutes of:
20m walking lunge 2×22,5/15kg
15 pull-up
10 ring dip
20m walking lunge 2×22,5/15kg
*rotate after full round


By |2022-05-11T09:49:19+02:00toukokuu 11th, 2022|Treenit|

For time:
3 rounds
12 deadlift 100/70kg
12 kipping HSPU
-3:00 rest-
3 rounds
8 deadlift 140/100kg
12 kipping HSPU
-3:00 rest-
3 rounds
4 deadlift 160/115kg
6 strict HSPU