By |2020-10-11T19:08:26+02:00lokakuu 11th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×2 split jerk, E2M, build
*3s pause in catch position

B) 4 rounds
2:00 row for calories
1:00 burpees
1:00 abmat sit-ups


By |2020-10-07T16:39:46+02:00lokakuu 8th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×1+3, E3M, add weight
Deadlift + ”hang” deadlift

B) EMOM 12:
1. 50s row for calories
2. 50s kettlebell snatches 24/16kg
*alternate arms each round


By |2020-10-06T08:28:21+02:00lokakuu 7th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5×1+2+1, E2M, add weight

B) 3 rounds for time:
50 double-unders
25 push-ups
5 squat cleans 70%/todays heaviest complex


By |2020-10-06T08:24:11+02:00lokakuu 5th, 2020|Treenit|

In teams of 2 amrap 20:
5 rounds each
20/15 cal row
20 sit-ups
*then max reps bench presses 70/47,5kg
*partner must hang from pull-up bar while partner benches


By |2020-10-04T21:10:09+02:00lokakuu 4th, 2020|Treenit|

A) Build to a heavy 3 back squat in 10min
*then 1x max reps 85%/heavy 3

B) Amrap 12:
20 push presses 35/25kg
20 air squats