By |2022-07-13T21:51:21+02:00heinäkuu 13th, 2022|Treenit|

Wall ball 9/6kg
Box jump 60/50cm
Kettlebell swing 24/16kg


By |2022-07-12T22:39:10+02:00heinäkuu 12th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Ring row
4×8 @ RPE 8/10, E3M

B. For time:
400m run
40 abmat sit-up
400m run
30 abmat sit-up
400m run
20 abmat sit-up
400m run
10 abmat sit-up


By |2022-07-11T21:44:38+02:00heinäkuu 11th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Build to a heavy 5 deadlift RPE 9
*then 3×5 75-80%

B. 21-15-9
Power clean 60/42,5kg
*after each set perform 15m handstand walk


By |2022-07-08T23:52:52+02:00heinäkuu 8th, 2022|Treenit|

A. Build to a heavy set in 6 sets, new set every 1:30
Power snatch + Squat snatch + Hang squat snatch + Overhead squat

B. For time:
40-30-20-10 wall ball
8-6-4-2 snatch 60/42,5kg (anyhow)


By |2022-07-07T23:08:19+02:00heinäkuu 7th, 2022|Treenit|

A. 3x max reps pull-up

B. AMRAP 15 with partner:
1. Shuttle run
2. 20 renegade row + 15 double KB russian swing