By |2020-04-26T15:54:28+02:00huhtikuu 29th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 4 sets, E2M
2 hang muscle snatch (above knee) + 2 hang muscle snatch (below knee)

B) 4 sets, 90s rest between
20/16 cal row
16 power snatch 35/25kg
12 push press 35/25kg
8 rower pike ups


By |2020-04-26T15:50:37+02:00huhtikuu 28th, 2020|Treenit|

A) Tempo back squat (32X1)
2.2 x4 cluster sets 15s rest/2min rest

B1) 6-8/leg db/kb bulgarian split squat x3
B2) 30s amrap strict pull-ups x3, 90s rest

C1) 4-5/arm db cross body romanian deadlift x3
C2) 30s handstand hold x3, 90s rest


By |2020-04-26T15:44:49+02:00huhtikuu 26th, 2020|Treenit|

A1) 6-8 alternating db bench press x3
A2) 6-8 single arm db row x3, 60s rest

B1) 12 db lateral box step overs (suitcase) x3
B2) supinated ring rows x3, 60s rest

C) Amrap 12:
30s+30s single leg wall sit
20 russian twist
10 tall box jumps


By |2020-04-20T07:53:16+02:00huhtikuu 24th, 2020|Treenit|

A) Build to a heavy single front squat

B) Amrap 20:
400m run
50m walking lunges with kettlebell


By |2020-04-20T07:50:31+02:00huhtikuu 23rd, 2020|Treenit|

A) Z-press 6,5,4,3

B1) 6-8 floor press x3
B2) 8-10 bent over row x3

C) 4 sets, 1min rest between
50 double-unders
1 rounds of ”DT”
30s hollow hold