By |2021-06-21T21:37:42+02:00kesäkuu 21st, 2021|Treenit|

A) 3 squat clean
*Build moderately heavy 3 in 12:00
*1s pause below knees on each rep

B) 4×10 thruster, rest 2:00 b/t
*start at 50% of clean triple and add weight each set


By |2021-06-16T18:00:07+02:00kesäkuu 18th, 2021|Treenit|

A) Build to 8RM shoulder press @ RPE 8/10
*Then 3×8 88-92%

B) Run:
800m @ fast pace
Rest 2:00
2x400m @ faster pace
Rest 1:00 b/t
3x200m @ fastest pace
Rest 0:30 b7t


By |2021-06-16T13:59:42+02:00kesäkuu 17th, 2021|Treenit|

A) For time:
30 overhead squats 60/42,5kg
300 double-unders
30 burpee box jump overs

B) 3×15-20 banded hip thrust
*rest 1:30


By |2021-06-15T14:44:03+02:00kesäkuu 15th, 2021|Treenit|

A) Build a moderate set of 3 pause squat snatch

B) 3×10 tng unbroken power snatch
*find max weight for a unbroken set
*rest 2:00