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By |2020-08-11T10:36:58+02:00elokuu 14th, 2020|Treenit|

5 rounds of:
10 bench presses 70/47,5kg
10 strict pull-ups
20 deadlifts @ bodyweight


By |2020-08-11T10:35:08+02:00elokuu 13th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 5 sets, E2M, build
2 squat snatches
1 overhead squat (2s pause)

B) Amrap 10:
30 double-unders
15 power snatches 35/25kg
10 handstand push-ups


By |2020-08-11T10:30:37+02:00elokuu 11th, 2020|Treenit|

”Murph prep”
amrap 25:
400m run
2 rounds
2 pull-ups
4 push-ups
6 air squats
-0:30 rest before each run


By |2020-08-10T19:08:16+02:00elokuu 10th, 2020|Treenit|

A) Build to a heavy 5 back squat
*then 4×5 90%

B) Power clean & jerk
-4-5×10 50-60%/1RM
-3:00 rest between sets, unbroken and touch & go


By |2020-08-08T07:52:58+02:00elokuu 8th, 2020|Treenit|

A) 10min to build:
Heavy single shoulder press

B) 10min to build:
Heavy single weighted pull-up

C) Amrap 15:
1 rope climb
5 handstand push-ups
10 alt. pistol squats
15 abmat sit-ups