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By |2023-01-18T23:11:31+02:00tammikuu 18th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Build to a heavy set in 15min:
Clean + 3 Front squats + Jerk

B. With partner accumulate as many calories in 25 minutes as possible


By |2023-01-17T23:59:53+02:00tammikuu 17th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Shoulder press
Build to a heavy 5 @ RPE 8
*then 3×5 85-90%

B. For time:
Clean & Jerk 60/42,5kg
Bar over burpee


By |2023-01-16T19:39:26+02:00tammikuu 16th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Strict weighted pull-up
Build to a heavy 1
*then 3x max reps @ bodyweight

B. 10 rounds of:
10 reverse lunge (back rack)
10 bent over row


By |2023-01-15T23:05:52+02:00tammikuu 15th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Front squat
Build to a heavy 3 @ RPE 9
*then 2×3 90%

B. For time:
Wall balls


By |2023-01-14T08:54:54+02:00tammikuu 14th, 2023|Treenit|

”Operation Overlord”

For time with partner:
Buy-in: 1944m row

Then complete ’Utah’
100 wall balls
200 double-unders

Directly into ’Omaha’
200 alternating lunges
50 burpees

Then complete ’Gold’
50 box jump overs
80 pull-ups

Finally complete ’Sword’
77 partner medicine ball sit-ups
100 push-ups

Time cap: 48 minutes


By |2023-01-12T10:50:41+02:00tammikuu 12th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Deadlift
Build to a heavy 1 @ RPE 9-9,5

B. For time:
21 deadlifts @ 50%
21 handstand push-ups
15 deadlifts @ 60%
15 handstand push-ups
9 deadlifts @ 70%
9 handstand push-ups


By |2023-01-11T23:27:24+02:00tammikuu 11th, 2023|Treenit|

A. Strict weighted pull-up
Build to a heavy 2
2x max reps @ bodyweight

B. I go, You go for 20 minutes:
20 wall balls
20/16 cal row
*switch after full rounds